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Airstar Lighting Balloons

Airstar light on Reese hitch      Airstar light on Reese hitch

The powerful illumination provided by Airstar lighting balloons is comparable to daylight and can cover surface areas up to 440,000 sq/ft. The Airstar balloon envelope delivers higher quality of useful light, with unmatched safety and efficiency. The lighting balloon also covers 360 degrees with uniform, glare-free illumination - an advantage over traditional lights that have narrower lighting angle.

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What do you mean by lighted area?
The standard in the industry for surface lighting is 10 lux or 0.9 foot candles.

IlluminanceFoot CandlesExample
3 lux0.28 fcFull Moon Under A Clear Sky
10 lux0.90 fcSufficient Light To Read A Newspaper
50 lux 4.645 fc
Family Living Room

What is the Color Rendering index of your lighting balloons?

The color rendering index (CRI) is the capacity of the light to reflect the true colors to the eyes. Tungsten Halogen, HMI are reflecting 100% of the true colors. Metal Halide are reproducing only 90% of the true colors, which means that the true colors appear to be changed.

 Light Source   Color Temperance  
 Tungsten Halogen  3200K   100% 
 Metal Halide 4000K    90% 
 HMI 6000K   100% 



SafetyRescue & Security

Higher Efficiency

  • Save time and money with quick installation, light weight and user friendly
    • A single unit will illuminate a large area; up to 100,000 square feet
  • Concentrate the light downward, or in one direction
    • Built-in reflector
  • Creates an easier on-site team working conditions by casting fewer shadows
    • Shadow-free light
  • More intense light within the work space (less heavy, more compact and more cost effective than conventional lighting systems)
    • Optimal efficiency at a minimal height

Safer for workers

  • Less accidents at work
    • Excellent visibility in the work environment

Safer for traffic

  • Less car accidents
    • Glare-free light for drivers
  • Custom-made road sign
    • Balloon can be customized

Great versatility

  • The lighting balloon is the best lighting system for many situations:
    • road construction and paving
    • bridge work
    • set up for crash barriers
    • road signs and markings
    • crushing station, earth moving
    • repairing and maintenance of railways
    • mining, drilling...

Fire / EMS

  • Easy to deploy at accidents; no glare makes extractions easier.  Light up larger area than traditional halogen lights without glare.  We offer the largest selection of glare-free lights, up to 108,000 sq/ft at 440,000 lumens.
  • Airstar units can be easily moved to other areas of the rescue site without having to be deflated and re-installed.  Airstar lighting balloons provide safer and more comfortable visual conditions at the site


  • Unit self inflates and illuminates in 45 seconds.  Sturdy, lightweight and mobile, designed to work in difficult and diverse terrains.  Deploy, strike and store in minutes.  References: NATO, FL 33


  • Due to portability and power, one unit can easily be used at check points or traffic stops, and unlike traditional lights, you do not get the reflection from the car windshield.  Better visibility when walking up to vehicle.

Crime Scene

  • Best light in the industry, offering HMI (5400*K/110,000Lm).  Halogen (3200*K/54,000Lm) and metal halide (4000*K/100,000Lm) are also available. 360 degrees of light illuminating from 15,000sq/ft to 27,000 sq/ft depending on the unit.

Unique work conditions

  • Easy to handle
    • Light weight, compact, wind resistant, reliable
  • Excellent visibility of the work area
    • The light creates a daylight effect
  • Easy on the eyes with no strain, no blind spots
    • Glare-free light