CR662 Updates

Mohican Valley Equipment would like to help you get the best use of your 662 Transfer Machine.  That is why we have developed updates to improve the performance of your Machine. 

We offer many updates for the 662 Transfer Machine that will greatly improve the function and life of your machine.  This includes the paver, the upper conveyor and the lower conveyor.


Delivery Augers

Reinforced To Extend The Life Of The Augers By Reducing Wear.



Auger Support

Original Supports (left) are causing
auger failure.

Reinforced Supports (right) Will Last Longer and Give More Support To The Auger.


Chromium Carbide Trough Liners

As A Rebuild Center, We Offer The Option Of Chromium Carbide Liners To The Standard AR400 Liners.



Remix Auger Covers

Center Covers With Wear Plates On Sides. 



Flashing Kit

  Kit Consist Of:
    A - Rolled Side Top Flashing (2)
    B - Angle Clamp (2)
    C - Cable (1)
    D - Corner Flashing (2)
    E - Corner Clamps (2)
    F - Front Flashing (1)
    G - Flat Clamp (1)


Cold Start Kit

This Kit Is Used During Cold Weather To Bypass The  GP Pump And Prevent Pressure From Building Up And Burning Out The Starter.


Upper Conveyor



Chromium Carbide Liners

Original Wear Life Was One Season.
 With The Liners Option, The Equipment Runs Smoother After 500 Hours Of Operation,  Causes Less Friction And More Thru-Put.


Clean Out Doors

Consider This Update If The Conveyor Was Built Prior To 2010.



Sprocket & Drive Ring

The Sprocket Gives The Chain Longer Life And Increases The Bearing Surface By 40%.

The Drive Ring Gives 100%  Increase In Bearing Surface.


Rebuild Conveyor Chains

Mohican Valley Equipment Will Inspect Your Conveyor Chains To Determine If They Should/Could Be Rebuilt. 


Lower Conveyor


Clean Out Door

New Style Clean Out Doors Should Be Considered If The Conveyor Was Built Prior To 2010.


New Style Continuous Augers

9" Continuous Augers Increase Production By 35%, Which Increases Wear Life, It Also Creates Less Hydraulic Pressure Required To Turn Conveyor Chains.


Chromium Carbide Liners

With The New Style Chromium Carbide Liners, Longevity Is Greatly Increased.



Inspection Door

Originally This Door Was Used To Change The Wear Plate.  This Door Makes It Possible To Also Look At The Auger Pins And Grease Lines, Plus Doubles The Strength Of The Side Of The Conveyor.