• Turbocharged 260 hp Tier 4i Diesel Engine

  • Power-Tilt Hood with Radiator
  • Patented Remix Anit-Segregation System
  • Lockout/Tagout Capable E-Stop and Master Electrical Switch
  • Fume-Recovery System
  • Accessible Filter Locations
  • All-Welded Mainframe Construction
  • Adjustable Spreading Auger Height
  • Outboard Spreading Auger Drive

  • Front Gear Box Remix Auger Drive

  • Independently Controlled Delivery and Spreading Augers

  • Reinforced, Sealed, Tilting Hopper wings with Beveled Corners

  • Hydraulically Adjustable Screed Vibrators

  • Hydraulic Power Crown Control

  • Adjustable Material Retaining Plates

  • Smartrac Self-Tensioning Track System

  • Wide Stance Improves Maneuverability

  • Crawler-Mounted Three-Point Suspension

  • Oscillating Bogie Wheel Assemblies

  • Independent Hydrostatic Drive for Each Track

  • Replaceable Rubber Tracks

  • De-Tracking Warning Light

  • Electric-Over-Hydraulic Steering Wheel Control

  • Operator's Umbrella

  • 30ft Hose Reel For Spray-Down

  • Back-Up Alarm


  • SmartracTM self-tensioning track system
  • Wide stance improves maneuverability
  • Crawler-mounted Three-Point Suspension
  • Oscillating Bogie wheel assemblies
  • Independent hydrostatic drive for each track
  • Replaceable, 18 in (457 mm) wide rubber track
  • Patented Frame Raise System
  • Oscillating push rollers or truck hitch
  • Power tilt hood with integral radiator
  • Fume-recovery system mitigates fumes
  • Operator's umbrella
  • Back-up alarm


  • Hydraulically adjustable discharge height facilitates high-capacity hopper insert
  • 110 pivoting conveyor for offset paving
  • Hydraulically driven conveyor chain
  • Rebuildable crawler-tractor style conveyor chains
  • Bolt-on conveyor flights reduce maintenance costs


  • 16.7 ton (15 tonnes) receiving hopper
  • Reinforced, sealed, tilting hopper wings with beveled corners
  • Twin counter-rotating Remix augers
  • Independently controlled right and left feed systems
  • System inter locks stop feed when travel stops


  • Operator swing console with spring loaded center lock and variable position cam lock
  • Full instrumentation gauges
  • De-tracking warning light
  • Electric-over-hydraulic propel control steering wheel with dial-in working speed
  • Lockout/tagout capable E-stop and master electrical switch


  • Engine-mounted, enclosed, Poly Chain® belt pump drive
  • Variable-displacement pumps for tractor drives, right and left feed systems and auxiliary circuits
  • Centralized filter locations for easy maintenance
  • Remote control solenoids with function-check LED Front gearbox Remix auger drive


Paver Width 124" (3,150mm)
Paving Width  30' (9.1m)
MTV Width 128" (3,250mm)
Paving Depth 12" (305mm)
Operating Speed Up To 225 ft/min (68.6 m/min)
Travel Speed Up To 9.6 mph (15.5 km/hr)
Rubber Belt Track 18 x 160" (457 x 4064mm)
Brakes Multiple Disc Parking


Tractor 36,200 lbs (16,420kg)
With Conveyor Assembly 54,860 lbs (24,884 kg)
With Optional Stretch 20 44,100 lbs (20,003 kg)
With Optional Fastach 10 40,200 lbs (18,234 kg)


Throughput Up To 600 TPH (544 t/hr)
Swivel Left/Right Of Center 55
Discharge Height (Min) 73.2 in (1,859mm)
Discharge Height (Max) 115.8 in (2,941 mm)
Conveyor Width 30in (762mm)


Grade & Slope Control
Multi-Foot Grade Reference System
Sonic Averaging Systems
Bevel Guide Plates
Cutoff Shoes, 12" and 24" Sections
500 Hour Filter Kit
Screed Extensions
Up Time Kit


Make/Model Cummins®
Type QSB6.7
Tier Compliance
Tier 4i
Performance 260 hp (194kW)
Speed 2,220 rpm
Electrical 12 volts


Diesel Fuel 72 gal (273L)
Hydraulic Oil 75 gal (284L)
Cooling System 6.5 gal (25L)


Construction Cast, High Alloy
Diameter 16" (406mm)
Thickness 0.625" (16mm)


Length x Width 90 x 119" (2,286 x 3,013mm)
Volume 267ft3 (7.56m3)
Capacity 16.7 Tons (15 Tonnes)
Capacity (Hopper + Conveyors) 38 Tons (34.5 Tonnes)
Surge Capacity with Hopper Insert 43 Tons (39Tonnes)
Feed Tunnel Width (each) 30" (762mm)
Remix Augers (diameter) 12" (305mm)
Auger Thickness 0.625" (16mm)
Trough Liner Thickness 0.375" (9.5mm)


Screed Plate Thickness 0.5" (12.7mm)
Positive Crown (Hydraulically Powered) 3" (76mm)
Negative Crown (Hydraulically Powered) 1" (25mm)
Vibrations Per Minute (max) 3,000


Stretch 20 (electric heat) Generator 34kW
Stretch 20 (four oil heaters) 274000 BTU (total) 2 gph (7.6 lph)
Fastach 10 (electric heat) Generator 34kW
Fastach 10 (two oil heaters) 178000 BTU (total) 1.3 gph (4.9 lph)


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