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MATJACKs Unique Construction Of Four Full Layers Of Aramid Fiber Per Side Primarily In Applications Such As Rescue Where Product Lighter Weight Is A Benefit Or Three Full Layers Of Woven Steel Per Side, Used In Rugged, Demanding, High Duty Cycle Applications Such As Building Lifting, Machinery And Recovery, Both Provide For A Lifting Bag Unequaled In Strength and Durability.

  •  Reliable, Safe and Easy-to-use.

  • Put MATJACK under a load and inflate!
  • MATJACK will work anywhere you have one inch clearance.
  • Great for lifting bulky, non-mobile items.
  • MATJACK is great for lifting manufacturing units for repair in factories.
  • MATJACK provides the best traction possible.
  • MATJACK is American-made.
  • MATJACK High Pressure Air Lifting Bags Rise Above the competition every time!
  • MATJACK has been on the front line since 1981.

MATJACK Air Lifting Bags have been helping a variety of industries worldwide in countless applications:

  • Construction Industry
    MATJACK works perfectly in construction sites.  Even in the muddiest, sloppiest, iciest conditions, MATJACK makes lifting easy.  Move machinery or pipe, large spools, pick up bridge sections, or raise and level buildings and heavy objects quickly and easily.  Perform undercarriage work or change tracking and tires quickly on the largest off-road equipment.  Lifting heavy machinery for repairs is made simple with MATJACK.
  • Fire & Rescue
    When seconds count and lives are on the line, MATJACK can help free victims trapped in wrecked vehicles or collapsed buildings.  Needing only an inch of clearance, MATJACK can slide into areas no ordinary jacking system can go, helping to extract victims quickly and easily.  If a human can be under there, so can MATJACK
  • MatJack for Recovery
    Need to lift a trailer to get room for cushions or straps?  MATJACK can get you the lift you need.  MATJACK makes load shift work right off your service air or your wrecker and stores easily.  With lots of sizes to choose from don't wait until you're in the ditch to decide you need one!
  • Manufactured Home & House Moving
    MATJACK is uniquely designed to lift, roll and level singles, double-wide, triple-wide, modular and other forms of manufactured housing.  Using long hoses and handheld controls, you get safely out from underneath the home without the bumps and bruises that often come when operating a bottle jack.  If your driver can put the sections within six inches of each other, a couple of MATJACK and a come-a-long become a setting system for double-wide.  Whether lifting a house on the side of a hill or a portable school/office off asphalt, MATJACK is a unique air lifting bag designed to lift, shift and level with a minimum of fuss and only one inch of clearance.
  • Mining, Military & Railroad
    Use MATJACK to quickly and safely re-rail mining locomotives, rail cars, or any rail vehicle.  MATJACK is useful in quarrying limestone, marble, rock- you name it; and it can be used in rescue operations in mines and quarries to move and lift rubble from trapped victims.  MATJACK is used in cargo container loading and shipping as well as other transport activities.  Even in the worst field conditions.  MATJACK is indispensable for military field service of tracked and lugged off-road equipment such as tanks, APC's, airport vehicles, and self-propelled artillery.



Part # Model Material Dimensions Capacity Lifting
Sq. Rect. Eye-
101K 1.5 Ton Aramid 6x6x.75in 1.5 Tons 2.5 in x   2  
103K 3.3Ton Aramid 6x12x.75in 3.3 Tons 3 in   x 4  
106 6 Ton Steel 10x10x1in 6 Tons 4.5 in x   4  
106K 6 Ton Aramid 10x10x1 in 6 Tons 4.5 in x   4  
113 13 Ton Steel 15x15x1 in 13 Tons 7.5 in x   4  
113K 13 Ton Aramid 15x15x1 in 13 Tons 7.5 in x   4  
122 22 Ton Steel 20x20x1 in 22 Tons 9.5 in x     1
122K 22 Ton Aramid 20x20x1 in 22 Tons 9.5 in x     1
132 32 Ton Steel 21x25x1 in 32 Tons 12 in   x   1
132K 32 Ton Aramid 21x25x1 in 32 Tons 12 in   x   1
137 37 Ton Steel 42x16x1 in 37 Tons 9 in   x 7 2
137K 37 Ton Aramid 42x16x1 in 37 Tons 9 in   x 7 2
150 50 Ton Steel 29x29x1 in 50 Tons 15 in x     2
150K 50 Ton Aramid 29x29x1 in 50 Tons 15 in  
x     2
170 70 Ton Steel 34x34x1 in 70 Tons 18 in x     2
170K 70 Ton Aramid 34x34x1 in 70 Tons 18 in x     2
186 86 Ton Steel 42x42x1 in 86 Tons 24 in x     4
186K 86 Ton Aramid 42x42x1 in 86 Tons 24 in x     4



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